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Dangers of Air Pollution in Children and How to Overcome It

Infants and children have an imperfect immune system. For this reason, they are more susceptible to various types of diseases. One of them is due to exposure to air pollution. Air pollution is a condition in which the environment has been contaminated by a mixture of solid particles and harmful gases. These substances can come from chemicals or factory waste, vehicle smoke and cigarette smoke, or dust. Impact of Air Pollution on Children's Health The problem of air pollution should not be considered trivial, because this can have an impact on the health of your baby. Some of the negative effects that can be caused by air pollution in children are: Respiratory disease Air pollution can cause problems in the child's respiratory tract. Because the lungs and respiratory tract of children are still in development stages, so exposure to unclean air will be more at risk of damaging the development of organs and respiratory tract. In children who have a history of allergies an
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Know the Benefits of Potassium for the Body

Potassium or potassium is one type of mineral needed by the body. There are various benefits of potassium for health. One of them is protecting the body from various diseases. Potassium intake can be obtained by consuming several types of vegetables and fruits. The benefits of potassium are always associated with its role as a type of electrolyte in the body. Electrolytes play an important role in regulating body fluids, delivering electrical signals to nerves, and regulating muscle contractions. Therefore, the adequacy of electrolytes (one of which is potassium) is very important because it can affect organ function and body performance. Benefits of Potassium for Body Health Not only that, potassium also has several important health benefits, including: 1. Lowering blood pressure Potassium helps relieve tension in the walls of blood vessels, so as to reduce blood pressure. In addition, foods that contain potassium can help reduce excess salt levels in the body by removing it

Benefits of Noni Fruit

Most people believe that noni fruit can treat various diseases, such as colds, headaches, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, rheumatism, allergies, infections, inflammation, heart disease, psoriasis, HIV, and cancer. Noni is a green fruit that is found in Australia, India and Southeast Asia, including in Indonesia. Noni contains a variety of substances, one of which is potassium, which is a mineral that can help maintain endurance. Besides being used to treat some of the conditions above, noni is also often used as a moisturizer and disguise aging by applying it to the skin. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of noni treatment still requires further research. Noni benefits for health Based on the results of early-stage research, consuming 6-8 grams of noni daily is said to help increase energy and relieve pain in patients with advanced cancer. Even so, noni has not been proven effective for changing or reducing tumor size. Noni also has a number of other benefits, includi